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Fun Fact: Queen of Uganda

Uganda flag

For a brief time during Uganda’s shift towards independence, Queen Elizabeth II was officially Queen of Uganda since the country was no longer part of the British Empire.

Bedtime Stories (2008 Film) Review

Bedtime Stories movie poster

I had heard of Bedtime Stories for a few years now. I originally passed on the movie as I wasn’t sure what it was even about. I knew Adam Sandler was in the movie but that was about it. One of my nieces said it was her “favorite movie” so that gave me the motivation to see it. 

Bedtime stories marty and skeeter

The story begins in the early 1970’s as Marty Bronson promises his son Skeeter that he will eventually be the manager of the family motel. Soon later, we see Marty forced to sell the business to some rich tycoon who makes a semi-true promise to hire Skeeter as general manager one day if he proves himself worthy. 

Adam Sandler Bedtime Stories

Decades later, Skeeter does work for the hotel, but not as the general manager but as the maintenance man. His snooty coworker is promised the job he wants which upsets him. He also is tasked by his sister for a favor. 

Bedtime Stories movie

Skeeter is asked to babysit his niece and nephew for a few weeks. At first, they have a hard time bonding together. But eventually they start telling stories. Skeeter finds it bizarre when these stories come true… somewhat the next day. Knowing the power of these stories, he might use it to his advantage. 

Russell Brand Bedtime Stories

Overall Bedtime Stories is a decent yet underwhelming film. It is odd to see Adam Sandler on his “best behavior” since this is technically a kids movie. But I did enjoy seeing a lot of actors I recognized from other films.

Score: C+

Annie (1999 Film) Review

Annie 1999 movie poster

I had never seen Annie in any incarnation until this movie. I had heard of it for years, even knew some of its songs as there’s a famous musical before any of the movies. I didn’t realize this one never made it to the box office, it was made for TV by Disney. 

Annie 1999 Disney

The story is about a little girl named Annie Bennett. She was left at an orphanage during the Great Depression with a note from her parents who vowed to return one day. But Annie has to figure out how to do most things on her own. 

Annie 1999

Her main nemesis is the orphanage owner Miss Agatha Hannigan. She’s a cruel terrible woman who openly hates children despite “loving her job.” Luckily for Annie, most of the other girls give Miss Hannigan a headache so Annie can easily sneak away if she needs to.

Annie 1999

Annie is eventually greeted by Oliver Warbucks, a wealthy businessman. Sharing a similar childhood, Mr. Warbucks wants to adopt a child and that kid is Annie. But Annie still wants to find her real biological parents and her potential adoptive father vows to help her find them. 

Annie Disney

Overall, I liked Annie but I didn’t love it. You can tell that the movie was made for television rather than the silver screen. But it’s still a decent movie with likeable characters. I would imagine the first movie is probably better but I’m not certain about that since I haven’t seen it yet. 

Score: B-