Fun Fact: Cowboy Hats’ Slow Start in the American West

Cowboy hats were originally unpopular in the American West. Derby hats were the main choice of headgear originally. Cowboy hats would see a dominance eventually but it took almost until the 20th century to do so.

Fun Fact: German Was Never Considered To Be the Official Language of America

A common urban legend was that German was almost considered to be the official language of the United States. The myth apparently came from two things, an attempt to have some laws translated into German and a Speaker of the House with German parents.

Fun Fact: Tychonic System in Astronomy

Europe had a difficult time accepting heliocentrism because it conflicted with the Bible. Some societies tried the Tychonic model, which was an absolutely incorrect system that suggested the Earth was the center of the universe and the Sun revolved around it. But it did allow the thought that other planets could revolve around the Sun.