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Things I Like: Cabba (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super cabba Universe 6 Saga tournament

Cabba was a very interesting character in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball super cabba vs Vegeta Universe 6 vs 7 tournament Super Saiyans

Being a Saiyan from a different universe, Cabba didn’t know what a Super Saiyan was and Vegeta awoken the power within him.

Dragon Ball super Vegeta defeats cabba with super saiyan blue

And Vegeta totally out classes him with Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball super cabba recruits caulifla Japan anime Funimation

After the tournament, Cabba recruits more for the tournament of power and teaches them how to be Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball super cabba vs Frieza Tournament of power

He does okay during the tournament of power, until Frieza challenges him and he gets eliminated.

Universe 6 stands Tournament of power Hit, Champa cabba

I was glad he was wished back by Android 17.

Things I Like: Hit (Dragon Ball Super)

Universe 6 Saga Dragon Ball super hit

By far the strongest fighter for Universe 6, I did enjoy Hit in Dragon Ball Super.

Hit assassinates mob boss Dragon Ball super

His main job is an assassin, but he does have a code of honor.

Dragon Ball super hit vs. Vegeta Japan anime Universe 6 Saga

He easily stops Vegeta’s combo victories during the tournament of Universe 6 vs Universe 7.

Dragon Ball super Goku uses Kaioken Super Saiyan blue against Hit Universe 6 Saga

Hit inspires Goku to reach new levels because Goku had to get super strong and so powerful to even have a chance against Hit’s time skip technique.

Dragon Ball super Champa gets mad at hit Cabba

Since Hit throws a fight, he almost gets destroyed by Champa.

Dragon Ball super jiren vs Hit Tournament of power

Despite his skill and strength, Hit falls pretty easy to Jiren during the tournament of power.

Dragon Ball super hit eliminated from Tournament of power

And he ends up being one of the first eliminated not only in the tournament but for his universe as well.

Things I Like: Monaka (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super monaka afraid of hit

Monaka was a decent joke character on Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball super Z Warriors meet monaka Lord beerus

Lord Beerus introduces him as the most powerful mortal in universe 7.

Dragon Ball super monaka delivery uniform Bulma mr. Satan Japan anime

But in truth, he’s really a delivery guy that Lord Beerus paid to be motivation for Goku.

Lord beerus yells at Goku for punching monaka Japan anime dragon ball super

And Lord Beerus freaks out when Goku comes close to discovering the truth several times.

Dragon Ball super Universe 6 Saga hit vs. Monaka

To his horror, Goku loses to Hit and Monaka is forced to fight. Hit throws the fight and Monaka’s secret is safe.

Things I Like: Captain Ginyu (Dragon Ball Super)

Captain Ginyu frog Dragon Ball super Japan anime

While his role is very minor on the show, I did like Captain Ginyu’s story in Dragon Ball Super.

Captain Ginyu gets a new body Dragon Ball super Resurrection f f

He gets his chance for a new body when his old Master Frieza shows up on Earth.

Captain Ginyu uses change Now power Dragon Ball super Funimation

Apparently his body snatching powers work if the victim says the magic words as well.

Dragon Ball super Captain Ginyu gets a new body

And boy was he happy about it.

Dragon Ball super Captain Ginyu reunites with Frieza Japan anime

He doesn’t try to still Frieza’s body, his loyalty to Frieza is actually quite admirable. Though I really don’t get it.

Dragon Ball super Goku and Vegeta vs Captain Ginyu

He was the first to fight Goku and Vegeta when they arrived back on Earth.

Dragon Ball super Vegeta kills Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu’s hope for revenge is crushed immediately when Vegeta kills him so easily. I really enjoyed that part.