Fun Fact: True Name of Checkers

Fun facts about checkers

While checkers is one of the most classic board games to ever exist, it isn’t the true name of the game. It’s proper name is Draughts as that’s the name used for it in Great Britain.

The King of Fighters XII (Xbox 360) Review

The King of Fighters XII Xbox 360 boxart

Even though I’ve been more of a Street Fighter fan, I’ve had nothing against The King of Fighters series. The first batch of KOF games were really good and rivaled even Street Fighter, and easily Mortal Kombat. However over the years, SNK just kept churning out more KOF games out while Capcom stuck to upgrading re-releases of Street Fighter. So SNK was sacrificing quantity over quality to say the least. How does this one fare? Better than I expected, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

Terry Bogard The King of Fighters XII

The game sports quite a graphical jump in comparison to the Neo-Geo generation of KOF games. It also has a fairly large cast, but nothing too gigantic. I sadly missed a few of my favorite characters especially Mai Shiranui.

The King of Fighters XII Xbox 360

It features a few modes like Arcade, Classic, and Online but other than that there’s not much to offer. While some series have evolved time and time again to stay in their prime, KOF merely offers the bare minimum. Besides the improvements that come through new technology, there’s nothing that sets XII apart from the games that started the series almost 20 years ago.

Score: 6 out of 10