Fun Fact: 38 Under Par Golf?

North Korea has always come up with some pretty outrageous propaganda stories about their rulers, and Kim Jong-il’s first round of golf is just as ludicrous. The late North Korean dictator claimed he scored 38 under par on his first try and was so happy with the results that he never bothered to golf again.

Fun Fact: Frankenstein Confusion

While we commonly think that Frankenstein is the main villain of the original novel, it isn’t his true name. In the novel Frankenstein is the doctor’s name, and he didn’t give the monster any name. Making him more accurately Frankenstein’s monster.

Fun Fact: Cookie Monster’s Real Name

While the Cookie Monster is one of the most popular Sesame Street characters, his real name wasn’t known until 2004. In a song, he admits that before he ate his first cookie, his name was Sid.