Things I Like: The King’s Speech (2010 Film)

The King's Speech 2010 movie poster

Rented this movie years ago, and it was pretty much as good as I heard it was.

Colin Firth The King's Speech 2010 movie

The film is about the man who would eventually become King George VI of Great Britain. Despite being a royal, he can barely make a speech.

Geoffrey Rush The King's Speech 2010 movie

Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue a speech therapist who helps King George VI become a real king not a stumbling fool with a crown. The best character of the film for sure. You might also recognize Rush as the guy who played Hector Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Michael Gambon The King's Speech 2010 movie

Speaking of recognizing people, Dumbledore shows up as King George V. Not exactly as nice as his wizard alter ego.

Helena Bonham Carter The King's Speech 2010 movie

There is also another Harry Potter alumni in the movie as well. Helena Bonham Carter who played Bellatrix LeStrange portrays Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

The King's Speech 2010 movie

It’s an all-star cast with such historic detail and high production values. It’s a masterpiece of a movie, and such an interesting tale from a real-life event of misfortune to success.

Things I Like: The Wild Thornberries (Nickelodeon)

The Wild Thornberries family nickelodeon

The show was pretty damn good. Like Crocodile Hunter, but safe.

Eliza on a elephant The Wild Thornberries

Stars Eliza Thornberry, who has the magical ability to talk to animals.

Debbie The Wild Thornberries

Also her sister Debbie who has the magic ability to talk to teenage losers.

Nigel The Wild Thornberries

Also her dad Nigel, who has the magical ability to talk like a complete weirdo.

Darwin The Wild Thornberries

And then the monkey Darwin, who has the magical ability to be named after Charles Darwin.

Donnie The Wild Thornberries

And then Donnie who has the magical ability for epic and intelligent conversation.

Fun Fact: 2nd Bill of Rights

Fun facts about Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In 1944 President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a 2nd Bill of Rights for Americans. Some of the things he wanted to be included was a right to be employed with a living wage, a right to education, a right to food/clothing, a right to health care, a right to social security, and freedom from monopolies. FDR died in 1945 before any of these could be considered by Congress.

Fun Fact: Abe Lincoln’s Ghost

Fun facts about Abraham Lincoln

Ever since his death, Abe Lincoln’s ghost has been “seen” in the White House numerous times. Eleanor Roosevelt said she could feel his presence often, and Theodore Roosevelt claims to have seen his ghost without a doubt. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill says he saw Lincoln’s ghost before getting dressed after a bath. Churchill apparently took the encounter rather comically by saying “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”