Fun Fact: When Snakes First Evolved

Snakes as a biological order first appeared during the late Cretaceous period where they co-existed for a few million years with the dinosaurs.

Fun Fact: Trampolines Before Trampolines

While trampolines are modern inventions, a similar “game” was done by both the Inuit and some places in Europe which involved people being bounced off special types of blankets.

Fun Fact: Last Country To Abolish Slavery

Mauritania was the last country in the world to officially abolish slavery which happened in 1981. However it still is a problem for the country as the guarantee of human rights is not enforced very well.

Fun Fact: The Only African Nation Immune To European Imperialism

Ethiopia was one of the rare few countries in Africa to never have been colonized by a European power. The closest it ever came to a conquering is when communists took over the country after a civil war and Ethiopia more-or-less was a puppet of the Soviet Union until the fall of Communism in the…