Hofer’s Bakery (Helen Georgia)

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia

On day two of Helen, Georgia, I ate breakfast at Hofer’s bakery. I wasn’t quite prepared for them to have a line to get in. Had to stand out for about 20 minutes in cold until my table was ready.

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia donuts chocolate doughnut

Their bakery section is quite appealing to the eye

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia cakes pies

Looking at them made me tempted just to order behind the counter and take it back to the motel room.

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia restaurant Cafe seating

But we sat down in the traditional restaurant area. The menu was a bit different from their bakery counter, of course.

Hofer's Bakery Helen Georgia Belgian waffle orange and pineapple

I had originally ordered a blueberry muffin and some biscuits, but they were out of the muffins. So I ordered a Belgian waffle instead. It was good, but not the best waffle I ever had.

The Glassblowing Shop (Helen Georgia)

The Glassblowing Shop Helen Georgia grab bags

One of the coolest shops by far in Helen, Georgia is The Glassblowing Shop.

The Glassblowing Shop Helen Georgia Disney princesses

Just countless pieces of handmade glass art. Most of them are absolutely gorgeous.

The Glassblowing Shop Helen Georgia glassmaker using flame

We actually got to see a live demonstration of some glassblowing being done. It’s so bizarre to see glass shaped like if it was clay.

The Glassblowing Shop Helen Georgia glass Christmas trees

Some of my favorite pieces were the Christmas trees.

The Glassblowing Shop Helen Georgia glass Jasmine Aladdin Belle Cinderella prince charming

Some of the smaller pieces do lack detail.

The Glassblowing Shop Helen Georgia baby Yoda grogu star Wars

I was tempted by the Baby Yodas.

The Glassblowing Shop Helen Georgia glass mystery boxes

I did buy some mystery boxes as I thought it was a good idea for my contribution to the white elephant game during my family Christmas gathering on Sunday, December 20th.

Jolly’s Toys (Helen Georgia)

Jolly's Toys Helen Georgia building

Right near our motel, was Jolly’s Toys. It seemed like a pretty cool toy shop, so we walked in to see what they had.

Jolly's Toys Helen Georgia cars and trucks

In an age without Toys “R” Us, it is nice to see a traditional toy shop.

Jolly's Toys Helen Georgia games

It also has that mom-and-pop charm, and lots of cool and unique items.

Jolly's Toys Helen Georgia dancing puppets Popeye and zorro

Whether it be new or retro, they pretty much got it.

Jolly's Toys Helen Georgia instant snow to go

The salesman was actually really awesome. I got my niece some of this artificial snow.

Jolly's Toys Helen Georgia spinning toy

And this spinning toy for her birthday coming up near New Year’s.

My First Visit to Helen Georgia

Helen Georgia town daylight

This weekend, I took a trip to Helen, Georgia. It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive from where I live, so it’s not super close but not super far.

Helen Georgia Christmas lights and gazebo

I was glad I got to go around Christmas time. The town was very well decorated for the holiday.

Helen Georgia during Christmas at night

The town is German themed, as I believe the town was founded by German settlers back in the day. It definitely has its own charm.

Helen Georgia horse carriages Christmas

I also enjoyed seeing the horse carriages as I walked.

Helen Georgia large Christmas tree and star

I don’t think I could take a weeklong vacation here, but it’s definitely a wonderful spot for a 1 to 2 day trip.