Luigi’s Mansion Arcade (Dave and Busters)

Luigi's Mansion Arcade game Dave and Busters Greenville South Carolina woodruff road

I was really surprised to see an arcade version of Luigi’s Mansion. I had no idea it existed.

Luigi's Mansion Arcade Dave and Busters Greenville South Carolina woodruff road vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners turn into light guns.

Luigi's Mansion Arcade game two Luigis Capcom Nintendo

Oh, and there are two Luigis. I’m surprise the second player isn’t just Mario.

Luigi's Mansion Arcade game Capcom Nintendo

But it plays like any other kind of light gun game. Except, you hit the ghost with the flashlight and then suck them up with the vacuum cleaner.

Luigi's Mansion Arcade greenie the ghost Nintendo Capcom sega

I didn’t get too far with the game before I died. But it was decent fun.

Typhoon Arcade Ride (Dave and Busters)

Typhoon virtual roller coaster Dave and Busters Greenville South Carolina woodruff road

I saw this typhoon arcade machine, and it reminded me of the one at Mr. Gatti’s in Spartanburg. My Little Brother Mr. B through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program loves riding it at Mr. Gatti’s.

Typhoon virtual roller coaster Dino safari

It’s a little bit more updated than the one in Spartanburg. All the ride videos are completely new to me. I rode the dinosaur park one.

Typhoon virtual roller coaster Dino safari trex

It’s a decent little virtual roller coaster ride.

Marvel Contest of Champions (Dave & Busters)

Marvel Contest of Champions Dave and Busters Greenville woodruff road

One of the games I played at Dave & Buster’s was Marvel Contest of Champions. Apparently the game is exclusively made for Dave & Buster’s. Though there is a mobile version of the game that preceded it.

Marvel Contest of Champions Spiderman black panther she hulk

It’s a fighting game with many many Marvel superheroes and villains.

Marvel Contest of Champions venom VS Thanos

It’s definitely a lot more simplistic than Capcom’s Marvel versus Capcom games. But it’s still rather fun.

Marvel Contest of Champions Thanos VS groot

I would like to have more chances to play with all the characters.