Things I Like: A League of Their Own (1992 Film)

While I was about four when this movie came out, I don’t think I ever heard of it until a few months ago. The main reason I wanted to see it was because of Tom Hanks. I had heard of Geena Davis before and knew she looked familiar as she was Barbara Maitland in theContinue reading “Things I Like: A League of Their Own (1992 Film)”

Things I Hate: Mr. 3000 (2004 Film)

The early 2000’s was a good time for Bernie Mac personally. He had success with The Original Kings of Comedy, and as well as The Bernie Mac show. It wasn’t the greatest sitcom in the world, but I enjoyed and watched most of the series. I do remember when Mr. 3000 came out, but IContinue reading “Things I Hate: Mr. 3000 (2004 Film)”