Fun Fact: The Mistreatment of Robin

When Burt Ward played Robin on the 1960’s Batman TV series with Adam West, he was mistreated by the TV network. His salary was the lowest for a character of his importance, and they never bothered to hire a stunt-double in an effort to cut more corners on the budget. Which caused Burt Ward toContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Mistreatment of Robin”

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015 Film) Review

I’ve been a fan of most animated films based on DC comics, but I had my doubts on Throne of Atlantis. I had mistrust since I saw the poster and read the premise. Nobody seemed to like it that much either. But I’ve been meaning to see it for years now, and I finally hadContinue reading “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015 Film) Review”

Justice League Dark (2017 Film) Review

While the first Justice League movie came out late last year, for many “fans” this was the first time they’ve seen Justice League outside of a TV series. However DC has been making pretty good animated films for many years now. So while the silver screen movies are just getting started, the animated ones areContinue reading “Justice League Dark (2017 Film) Review”

Justice League: War (2014 Film) Review

Justice League: War is another in the long-line of DC Comics Original Movies. Most have been pretty good especially as they started to focus on one story-line from the comics instead of coming up with something original. This one is based on Justice League: Origin which was a comic story-line which rebooted the story ofContinue reading “Justice League: War (2014 Film) Review”

Batman: Bad Blood (2016 Film) Review

While the Dark Knight hasn’t gotten a true stand-alone film yet since the end of the Christopher Nolan’s and Christian Bale’s Dark Knight trilogy, in the animated DC movies he’s gotten plenty of them. I saw Son of Batman about a year ago which was about Batman’s secret son Damian Wayne which he had withContinue reading “Batman: Bad Blood (2016 Film) Review”