Things I Hate: Sir Maurice/Moe French (Once Upon a Time)

Who knew the father of an angel like Belle would be so unlikable? He’s never really on the side of evil, but he just always irked me. In the old land he is Sir Maurice, some kind of noble who makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin to prevent the Ogres from destroying everything. He had toContinue reading “Things I Hate: Sir Maurice/Moe French (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Hate; Owen Flynn/Greg Mendell (Once Upon a Time)

We first see him arrive in Storybrooke, Maine after crashing his car across the town line. Since he is an “outsider”, everyone is worried he saw magic and will bring others to their city. But turns out his real name was Owen Flynn, who arrived accidentally with his father as a boy. Regina wants toContinue reading “Things I Hate; Owen Flynn/Greg Mendell (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Like: Princess Aurora (Once Upon a Time)

While she mainly is only important in the 2nd season of the show, I liked her a lot. She’s the same Princess Aurora put under a sleeping spell by Maleficent. Though you don’t see her against her “nemesis” much at all. Her beloved prince wakes her up to an enchanted forest realm affected by Regina’sContinue reading “Things I Like: Princess Aurora (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Hate: Tamara (Once Upon a Time)

I didn’t have much of a liking for Tamara on Once Upon a Time. We first think she’s nothing more than Neal Cassidy’s fiancee. Though that did crush any dreams for Emma Swan and Neal to get back together and make a perfect family for Henry. But in truth, her real love was Greg Mendell.Continue reading “Things I Hate: Tamara (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Like: Milah (Once Upon a Time)

Despite being in just a handful of episodes, Milah left quite an impression on me. She is Rumplestiltskin’s’ first wife. Killian Jone’s first true love, Baelfire’s mother, and naturally the paternal grandmother of Henry Mills. Her early life isn’t very happy. While she enjoys being a mother, she hated being the wife of a coward.Continue reading “Things I Like: Milah (Once Upon a Time)”