Things I Hate: William Smee (Once Upon a Time)

While I never really “hated” him, I didn’t really like him either. He’s based on the Peter Pan character of the same name. In Once Upon a Time he finds Rumpelstiltskin before he meets his infamous captain. He apparently wants eternal life and is willing to go to great measures to get it. But heContinue reading “Things I Hate: William Smee (Once Upon a Time)”

Pete’s Dragon (1977 Film) Review

Pete’s Dragon was something I never saw a kid. It was a complete flop with critics and a dissapoint for Disney at the box office, and that was eleven years before I was even born. I actually saw the remake of the movie a few years ago and I wanted to give the original aContinue reading “Pete’s Dragon (1977 Film) Review”

Things I Like: Wendy Darling (Once Upon a Time)

Wendy Darling was a minor character on the show, but I liked her. She was so pure and so sweet. She meets Baelfire soon after he lands in the real world. Baelfire is adopted by the Darling family but soon after that, he gives himself up so that Peter Pan’s shadow will never bother WendyContinue reading “Things I Like: Wendy Darling (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Like: Queen Eva (Once Upon a Time)

Snow White’s mother didn’t have a lot of time on the show but she was a pure-hearted woman and such a good soul. Turns out when she was younger, she edged out Cora to be the next Queen of the land. But I loved how she corrected Snow White when she was being a snottyContinue reading “Things I Like: Queen Eva (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Like: Tinkerbell (Once Upon a Time)

While her story could have been better. I liked this incarnation of Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time. She was once a fairy working under Blue. Until she tries to help Regina find happiness, and things go south when Regina turns her back on Tinkerbell’s good intentions. She ends up in Neverland and spentContinue reading “Things I Like: Tinkerbell (Once Upon a Time)”