When Marnie Was There (2014 Film) Review

I’ve always been a fan of Studio Ghibli films. When Marnie Was There is a movie I wasn’t as familiar with. I had a pretty sizable list of films I haven’t seen from Studio Ghibli and it’s on HBO Max like the rest of them. So the time finally came for me to give itContinue reading “When Marnie Was There (2014 Film) Review”

The Favourite (2018 Film) Review

Last year I had no idea that The Favourite even existed. Its lead star (though I had a difficult time understanding how she was really the “main” character) Olivia Colman won the Oscar for Best Actress as Queen Anne of Great Britain. I had an idea of what the movie was about, in royal courtsContinue reading “The Favourite (2018 Film) Review”