Things I Like: Anne of Cleves (The Tudors)

Henry VIII’s fourth wife Anne of Cleves seems the strangest choice for a bride when you first see her. Purely political, the marriage was to protect Henry against Catholic foes. But the Protestant Germans seemed very resistant to the marriage and even tried to hide Anne’s face behind a veil. But Henry eventually gets toContinue reading “Things I Like: Anne of Cleves (The Tudors)”

Things I Like: Thomas Cromwell (The Tudors)

Fairly accurate to how he was in real life, Thomas Cromwell starts out rather humble and you don’t really notice him much. But he soon rises in court through the failing of the King’s first marriage. He played a key part in the rise of Anne Boleyn. And also her fall later on. Whoops! ThomasContinue reading “Things I Like: Thomas Cromwell (The Tudors)”

Things I Like: Jane Seymour (The Tudors)

With the marriage of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn quickly deteriorating, the King sets his eye on the pretty Jane Seymour. Besides being a womanizer, Henry was adamant about producing a son so the Tudor dynasty would not leave behind another Wars of the Roses for England. After Henry has Anne killed, he soonContinue reading “Things I Like: Jane Seymour (The Tudors)”

Things I Like: Thomas More (The Tudors)

A flawed man in history and in the show, but overall I liked Sir Thomas More. At the start of the series, the two are good friends, but King Henry VIII slowly drifts away from his buddy in the realm of politics and religion. The super-Catholic Thomas More can sense how Protestants may take overContinue reading “Things I Like: Thomas More (The Tudors)”