Things I Like: The Tudors (TV Series) Season 2

I do consider myself a history buff, with a strong preference on American and British history. While the King Henry VIII story is often played too often in TV and movies, I heard The Tudors was good. When it came time to watch the first season, I was pretty impressed. Not the greatest show butContinue reading “Things I Like: The Tudors (TV Series) Season 2”

(Not So) Fun Fact: Demise of Edward Stafford

Edward Stafford was the first cousin once removed via maternal relation to King Henry VIII. If the House of Tudor had no heirs to the throne, Edward Stafford as a descendant of King Edward III, would have a very strong claim to the throne. Despite King Henry VIII being a legitimate heir to King EdwardContinue reading “(Not So) Fun Fact: Demise of Edward Stafford”

(Not So) Fun Fact: Downfall of King Henry VII’s Most Trusted Advisors

Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley¬†were two of King Henry VII’s closest advisors. When King Henry VIII took the throne, he knew that these two ministers were not popular in England for their financial decisions during the reign of his father. So he exaggerated some charges and both men were eventually executed.