Things I Like: Lola (Reign)

My personal favorite out of Mary’s close friends, Lola isn’t as important in the first season as she is the next few. She eventually has an affair with Prince Francis. Which does cause some major drama in her friendship with Mary, Queen of Scots. She’s a bad friend. Due to all the royal family drama,Continue reading “Things I Like: Lola (Reign)”

Fun Fact: King and Queen of Ireland

King Henry II of England was made Lord of Ireland instead of King as the Pope had granted him this “honor” officially despite an invasion through force made it so regardless. When King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church he made himself officially king instead of lord when it came to Ireland. WhenContinue reading “Fun Fact: King and Queen of Ireland”

Fun Fact: Why Henry VII Named His Son Arthur

While Henry VII took England’s throne by conquest in the defeat of his distant cousin Richard III in the House of York, the need to cement his claim was immense. While Henry VII was descended from King Edward III, he also wanted to assert more ancestry than that. He had genealogists trace his descent backContinue reading “Fun Fact: Why Henry VII Named His Son Arthur”