Fun Fact: What Obama Did For the 72 Miami Dolphins Team

While the 1972 Miami Dolphins won the NFL’s only perfect season, they were never invited by President Richard Nixon for an official White House visit. Many decades later in 2013, President Barack Obama invited the whole team for a visit since they never got to do so in the 1970s.

Fun Fact: How Tony Morabito Died

The San Francisco 49ers were founded by Tony Morabito. After bad health, Tony still watched the team play despite the advice from his doctors due to the high levels of stress. During a game against the Chicago Bears, the 49ers were losing and Tony died of a heart attack. A note was passed saying “Tony’sContinue reading “Fun Fact: How Tony Morabito Died”

10-Yard Fight (NES) Review

10-Yard Fight is yet another sports game in Nintendo’s mini-series of NES games. Most of them are bad except Ice Hockey. This one plays pretty decent, and I prefer the top down view verses the horizontal view of something like Tecmo Bowl. Except it’s more like a Tiger handheld sort of game than a legitimateContinue reading “10-Yard Fight (NES) Review”