(Not So) Fun Fact: Ronald Reagan’s Bloody Thursday

In 1969, a large group of students led a protest over the use of land that belonged to the University of California. Then-Governor Ronald Reagan considered the site to be a haven of communists, and ordered the police to harshly remove them. The incident became known as Bloody Thursday which resulted in one death andContinue reading “(Not So) Fun Fact: Ronald Reagan’s Bloody Thursday”

The Campaign (2012 Film) Review

I’ve always been a big fan of Will Ferrell’s movies, but last year I overlooked The Campaign. I didn’t really see the trailers, but my brother had seen it and recommended it with high praise. Being a rather political person, I eventually got the motivation to watch it. The film is about the 2012 electionContinue reading “The Campaign (2012 Film) Review”

Fun Fact: Andy Griffith Democrat

Despite being born and raised in the “red state” North Carolina, late actor Andy Griffith was a proud member of the Democratic Party. He declined an offer to run against Republican Senator Jesse Helms in 1989. He campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008, and also advocated the new policies for Medicare under the Health CareContinue reading “Fun Fact: Andy Griffith Democrat”