Fun Fact: Trump Getting Zero Endorsements From Other Presidents

During every presidential election, each party’s candidate is almost always endorsed by a former or current president of their own party. However in the 2016 race, none of the living men who have been in the oval office have endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump. The two Republicans George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. had…

Fun Fact: Billy Graham’s Flip Flopping on Mormonism

Christian evangelist Billy Graham has met with almost every president since the mid-20th century, but that has never stopped him from being political. He endorsed Mitt Romney (who was Mormon) in the 2012 Presidential Election. After choosing Romney, his organization took Mormonism off their list of “cults”.

Fun Fact: Wendell Willkie For President

In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt defeated Republican candidate Wendell Willkie in the presidential election. Willkie was actually the last presidential candidate from a major political party to have never served any public office or the military before Donald Trump.

Fun Fact: Duo Beaten By The Bushes

Micheal Dukakis and John Kerry served together as Governor and Lt. Governor (Kerry was his Lt. Gov.) of Massachusetts between 1983-1985 until John Kerry was elected to the Senate. Micheal Dukakis ran for president in 1988, losing in a landslide to George H.W. Bush. John Kerry would later run as president in 2004, but he…

Fun Fact: First Man To Lose Despite Winning Popular Vote

In 1876, Samuel J. Tilden lost to Rutherford B. Hayes in the presidential election by just one electoral vote. Ironically Tilden won the popular vote with a good margin of 51% to Hayes’ 47%. Upon his defeat, Tilden stated “I can retire to public life with the consciousness that I shall receive from posterity the…