Fun Fact: When Mike Pence Was a Democrat

As a young man, Mike Pence associated with the political and religious views of his parents who were Catholic democrats. In college, he converted to born-again Protestantism and eventually became a ultra-conservative Republican.

Fun Fact: Faithless Electors During 2016 Presidential Election

The American President is officially voted in by the electoral college which are made up of individual electors who almost always vote the same way their state’s population did in the election. However there have been a few examples of “faithless electors” who vote for the other major candidate or someone else. The 2016 Presidential…

Fun Fact: Republican Hypocrite Scott DesJarlais

During the 2010 congressional elections, many new (Tea Party) Republicans were elected, one of them being Scott DesJarlais. Despite running on “family-values” and having a “pro-life” stance, DesJarlai was revealed to had many affairs with co-workers and patients during his career as a doctor (which is against the law), and he had pressured a mistress…

Fun Fact: The 17th Amendment

Before the 17th amendment, the State House would elect our Federal Senators. There’s actually a huge group of moronic conservatives who believe the 17th amendment should be repealed. Their reasoning? A whole bunch of crap about state’s rights. Taking democracy away from the people? Sounds dumb no matter which way you look at it.