Introducing My Girlfriend Jessica

Since last October, this beautiful woman has filled my heart with a lot of joy. We have very similar hearts and a very similar situation where we were both going through a divorce at the same time. This was shortly after we started dating, I’m actually quite surprised how much I hate my hair backContinue reading “Introducing My Girlfriend Jessica”

Taking Little Brother to Big E

With everyone getting vaccinated and Covid-19 getting better, Big Brothers Big Sisters has allowed in-person visits to resume. So I took my little brother Mr. B to the Big E in Gaffney After having pizza for lunch, we spent some time in the arcade and at mini golf. And also spent some time at laserContinue reading “Taking Little Brother to Big E”

Duck Donuts (Pelham-Greenville)

After my haircut the other day, we made a visit to Duck Donuts. I had never been before, but I have heard good things. I didn’t realize before I walked in that everything was made to order, which is a good thing. The donuts were good but not my favorite. They were a bit tooContinue reading “Duck Donuts (Pelham-Greenville)”