My Niece’s Mirabel (Encanto) Cosplay

Little CR was super cute as Disney’s Encanto leading character.

Alexander Meeting His Sister

Princess L came home today for the first time since Alexander was born. I could tell she was a bit nervous but she totally ignored her dad when he dropped her off so she could see her new baby brother. I’m proud of her.

Alexander’s Last Day in the Hospital

The most handsome boy got to spend his last day in the hospital yesterday. He’s perfectly fine, but mom had to recover from her cesarean surgery. We had him at Patewood Hospital in Greenville, SC. It’s mostly a maternity building, so things were pretty calm. We did hear that someone gave birth in the parking…

Alexander’s 3rd Day

Alex was pretty good on his third day. Though cluster feedings due to his circumcision procedure made the later half of the day very draining. Which also made diaper changes even trickier.

Alexander’s 2nd Day

Not as terrifying as day one, Alexander has started to get the hang of being a baby. He’s bonded so well to Mommy, but he’s still working on the whole drinking milk thing even if the fluid isn’t real milk. He had his first real clothes and formula, so he’s been mostly better. I had…