Superman II (1980 Film) Review

Since the new Man of Steel film is coming out soon, I been meaning to check out the previous Superman films. I liked the original Superman film, and I heard Superman II was even better. Superman II is set shortly after the events of the first film. Superman is a well-known hero, but as heContinue reading “Superman II (1980 Film) Review”

Superman (1978 Film) Review

With the newest Superman film Man of Steel about hit theaters, I thought I’d watch the older Superman films. I had seen them as a child, but it’s been so long I forgot most of the moments and the plot. So it’s almost like seeing a brand-new adventure for me. Since it was the firstContinue reading “Superman (1978 Film) Review”

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010 Film) Review

As many of you know that I’ve lately been catching up on a lot of superhero films and TV shows I’ve been missing out on over the years. When I heard of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, I was very excited as it shows the alternate universes that stayed mostly exclusive to the comicContinue reading “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010 Film) Review”

Superman vs. The Elite (2012 Film) Review

As most of my readers know, I’ve been watching a lot of DC comics stuff lately. I’m not as much a fan of Superman as I am Batman, but I’ll give the Man of Steel a shot if it looks promising. I had my doubts about Superman vs. The Elite since I never heard ofContinue reading “Superman vs. The Elite (2012 Film) Review”

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010 Film) Review

I’ve been watching a lot of DC comics films lately, but I was a little hesistant to watch Superman/Batman Apocalypse. I thought at first that this was some kind of doomsday story involving Batman and Superman but that’s not the case. The story is more about a young woman who crashes down to Earth andContinue reading “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010 Film) Review”