Millie the Puppy

I saw this tiny puppy at work. She was super small and adorable.

Lily Rose the Dog

I saw this sweet dog the other day at work. She was very adorable and friendly.

Meme Dump: Christian Video Games

Meme Dump: Apple Now

Meme Dump: Samantha L. Jackson

Meme Dump: Ted Cruz Haircut

Fun Fact: Morse Code Painting

Before his inventions of the Morse Code and telegraph, Samuel Morse was an established painter.

Fun Fact: Six Seasons in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has six seasons instead of the traditional four.

Fun Fact: USS Cyclops

The USS Cyclops was a American naval ship lost within the Bermuda Triangle. Officials blamed Germany as it went missing during wartime during World War I, but Germany insisted that they did not sink the ship.

Fun Fact: Ernest Hemingway’s Cats

There is a museum founded by Ernest Hemingway that features six-toed cats.


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