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Getting Ford Fiesta As a Car Rental From Hertz

The body shop was able to take my car after Thanksgiving. So now I have a rental car until it’s done. The wait for a car at Hertz was a nightmare, with COVID-19 precautions, it was a cold and wet wait outside. It took about an hour to get my car, which is a 2019Continue reading “Getting Ford Fiesta As a Car Rental From Hertz”

Little K Making Gingerbread House

gingerbread house

Dolittle (2020 Film) Review

dolittle Robert Downey Jr

Roma (2018 Film) Review

Roma Netflix

Things I Like: The Toys That Made Us (Netflix)

the toys that made us Netflix

Meme Dump: Jedi Big Bird


Meme Dump: The Real Mandalorians


Meme Dump: Trump Supporter Tears


Things I Like: Cotton Hill (King of the Hill)

Cotton Hill

Things I Like: Ladybird (King of the Hill)

Ladybird king of the Hill


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