My Top Ten Xbox Games #8: Star Wars: Battlefront II

As a fan of Star Wars, there was no way I couldn’t get this game. It was like that Battlefield 1942 game I heard about but with light-sabers and the force. Basically that was the concept and it worked well. You could play as low level storm troopers, Jedi, Sith, even Wookies were fair play. Some more balanced thanContinue reading “My Top Ten Xbox Games #8: Star Wars: Battlefront II”

My Top Ten Xbox Games #9: Call of Duty Finest Hour

Though it may be overshadowed by it’s Modern Warfare and Black Ops big brothers, I still regard it as one of the better WWII shooters out there and fine addition to the Call of Duty series.  I think my favorite catch to this game, is that it goes to all major sides to the EasternContinue reading “My Top Ten Xbox Games #9: Call of Duty Finest Hour”

My Top Ten Xbox Games #10: Panzer Dragoon Orta

After giving Sega fans the few bones they could get with the Saturn, Panzer Dragoon stayed dead during the Dreamcast days. However the long awaited sequel did hit the Xbox, and although it didn’t become a RPG like Saga might have left fans thinking where the series might head, it was arguably the best inContinue reading “My Top Ten Xbox Games #10: Panzer Dragoon Orta”

Fun Fact: Christkind

In the United States during Christmas, kids believe in the gift-giving Santa Claus, but did you know that the Jolly red man isn’t the only gift giver in town……or the world? In Austria, Germany and a few other countries many kids believe in Christkind, a blonde angel who was actually promoted by Martin Luther toContinue reading “Fun Fact: Christkind”

Fun Fact: How Christmas Trees Got Accepted

Everyone likes Christmas Trees, but did you know how they became popular? It actually started as a German tradition, and Queen Victoria’s husband Albert was from Germany and made Christmas trees more widespread among western culture. The earliest mention of a Christmas tree in America is in a journal of a German settler.

Fun Fact: Why It’s Xmas

Xmas seems like a dumb shorterning when you don’t have enough room sometimes for Christmas but did you know there was more thought to Xmas than you’d believe? X is identical to the Greek letter Chi which is the first letter of the word Χριστός which means Christ in Greek.

Fun Fact: First President on TV

The first President to speak on TV was FDR and serving almost four terms kinda made sense on how such a famous president got the honor. 

Fun Fact: The Man in the Ten Dollar Bill

Most people don’t know who this guy is even though they handled quite a bit of ten dollar bills in their lifetimes. His name is Alexander Hamilton and he was not President, but rather a Caribbean born man who later helped the founding of America and became the first Secretary of the Treasury.   Hamilton later helped destroy Vice PresidentContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Man in the Ten Dollar Bill”

Fun Fact: Real Name of Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss was only his pen-name,  taking his real name’s middle and adding Doctor to it. His real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel.

Fun Fact: Orca Dolphin

The Killer Whale or the Orca might seem like simply a whale to most people. However even though it’s technically a toothed whale, it’s also a member of another tooth-whale family; the Dolphins. 


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