(Not So) Fun Fact: Russia’s Dead Hand System

The Dead Hand system was created during the days of the Soviet Union, designed to have a nuclear strike unleash every single nuke even if Soviet leadership had been wiped out. While the system isn’t turned on unless there’s a time of crisis, Russia still uses it today.

Fun Fact: Hugh Hefner Saving South Vietnamese Children

During the fall of South Vietnam, Hugh Hefner managed to evacuate several orphans out of South Vietnam and bring them to America using his personal plane. Some of his “bunnies” actually took care of the children until they could be properly looked after.

Things I Like: Lord Fredrik (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)

Lord Fredrick, King of the Snowmads was the mastermind behind the takeover of Donkey Kong’s island. You face him at the very end as he’s obviously the final boss of the game. You fight him in a volcano, which should oddly be a snow-beast’s least favorite place to be. While some previous battles change itsContinue reading “Things I Like: Lord Fredrik (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)”

Things I Like: Bashmaster the Unbreakable (Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze)

One of the few bosses to actually be an arctic animal, this mean polar bear was one of my favorites. The boss battle is quite simple. Avoid his hammer and try not to fall from the platform as it tilts from the weight. Which is easier said than done. He got me good a fewContinue reading “Things I Like: Bashmaster the Unbreakable (Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze)”


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