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Things I Like: Jeff Boomhauer (King of the Hill)

King of the Hill Boomhauer name is Jeff

My least favorite out of the circle of Hank Hill’s friends, Boomhauer was likeable at least. Most fans never realized his first name was Jeff.

King of the Hill Boomhauer defends Hank Hill

Most moments he would just ramble and ramble and you could barely tell what he was trying to say. Apparently Mike Judge based him off of an angry viewer during the Beavis and Butthead days.

King of the Hill Hank Hill feud with Boomhauer over luanne platter

I really didn’t like when Boomhauer dated Luanne for about three days, I thought he crossed the line big time with that one.

King of the Hill Boomhauer hits on women at random

The show kind of implies that Boomhauer was the ultimate ladies man. I did find it hilarious that Bobby Hill found out that his secret was he just asked out every woman he could and constantly got rejected until one of them accepted his offer.

Things I Like: Bill Dauterive (King of the Hill)

King of the Hill bill Dauterive birthday party cake

Good old Bill Dauterive, where would King of the Hill be without this lovable but very sad man?

King of the Hill bill Dauterive and Hank Hill fox

We learn that he was actually a high school football star with a bright future. But then he lost his hair and his wife, and that left him a very broken man.

King of the Hill bill Dauterive and Peggy Hill fox

I will say, Bill wasn’t the greatest friend as he often would try to get what he could with Peggy Hill.

King of the Hill bill Dauterive Cross-Dressing ex wife fox

Bill lost all of his marbles in this moment.

King of the Hill Peggy Hill cooks for bill Dauterive

I often felt bad for Bill, as he would have success with new girlfriends, but the script would always do something that would ruin the relationship.

Things I Like: Dale Gribble (King of the Hill)

King of the Hill Dale Gribble trains falcon fox

What made King of the Hill great was its amazing cast of characters and Dale Gribble is definitely the best of the best in my opinion. A very interesting weirdo, Dale Gribble always cracks me up.

King of the Hill Hank Hill fixes truck Dale Gribble Boomhauer bill

I’m usually not a fan of paranoid anti-government rednecks, but Dale is very charming.

King of the Hill Hank Hill VS Dale Gribble

Especially when his stunts gets him in trouble especially with his best friend Hank Hill who is not afraid to kick his ass.

King of the Hill Dale Gribble and Joseph aliens

He actually is a really good dad, though his son Joseph is obviously not his biologically. I felt a lot of pity for Dale in that aspect.

King of the Hill Dale Gribble firehouse Alamo beer sign

One of my favorite TV characters ever, without a doubt.

The Legend of Korra (TV Series) Season 4 Review

The Legend of Korra season 4 nickelodeon poster

I started The Legend of Korra not terribly long ago. It didn’t take me long to finish the series, as the fourth season is its last. Which is rather interesting as the original series Avatar: The Last Airbender only lasted three.

The Legend of Korra Asami and Korra fall in love

The fourth season shows the biggest gap in time between all the seasons. After being captured and almost killed by the Red Lotus gang, Avatar Korra has had a long recovery. Her body is mostly fine now, but it’s her mind and emotions that have deep scars.

The Legend of Korra great uniter kuvira earth empire nickelodeon

Who she needs to worry about is Kuvira, a general in the Earth Kingdom. In the past few years, she has become known as the great uniter especially as the Earth Kingdom doesn’t have a queen anymore. But when the Earth Kingdom decides to crown a new king, she decides to become a military dictator instead.

The Legend of Korra kuvira VS avatar Korra duel nickelodeon

With the Earth Kingdom military fully at her back for the most part, Kuvira is the de facto leader and she becomes more and more of a tyrant every day. Korra and her will eventually clash, and this will not be an easy battle. Surprisingly, her greatest ally will be somebody she never expected to help her. But will they be able to topple this new tyrant?

The Legend of Korra Toph Beifong trains avatar Korra nickelodeon

Overall, season four actually might be the best season of The Legend of Korra. Even though the new villain isn’t really that special, she had a lot of depth and interesting parts of her story. I also enjoyed the return of a very beloved character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m glad both shows were smart enough to end it before I got stale.

Score: B+