Fun Fact: The Essential Vitamin Missing in Breast Milk

Fun facts about milk

While breast milk is highly praised in nutritional value, it’s severely lacking in Vitamin D. Formula is virtually always sold with Vitamin D added, and there are drops of Vitamin D that can be added to a mother’s natural milk.

Things I Like: Beetlejuice (Cartoon TV Series)

Lydia Deetz red dress eye shadow Beetlejuice Cartoon

I had forgotten this TV series even existed until the other day. I remember it airing in the 1990’s and the re-runs for a few years and I always liked it.

Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice hovering in the air Beetlejuice Cartoon

Granted this one is far less “scary” than the actual movie. The stories focus more on Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice than any of the other characters in the movie.

Birthday party Beetlejuice Cartoon

The pair are also way more friendly to each other (no forced marriages here) here than they are in the film. I don’t remember a lot else about the series (probably been at least 15 years or more since I’ve seen it) but it was pretty original and wacky for the time.

Things I Like: The Final Cut (UK TV Series)

British Prime Minister Francis Urquhart in Parliament The Final Cut House of Cards

The Final Cut is essentially the last season of the original British series House of Cards. All three seasons are based on books written by Michael Dobbs who also helped (as an executive producer) with the American version with Kevin Spacey. Like most later reigns of politicians, these are the last years for Francis Urquhart as British Prime Minister and they aren’t very happy ones for him. The key issue is cementing a legacy, but will he be able to do it along with beating Margaret Thatcher’s record of longest serving Post-WWII British Prime Minister? Francis Urquhart certainly thinks he can do it for his country…and himself.

Francis Urquhart The Final Cut House of Cards

Following the events of To Play the King, the new King abdicated (after politically challenging Urquhart) and now his teenage son is the new British monarch. Their relationship is good as the new king is smart to stay out of politics. Since British Prime Ministers are really just the leader of the party with the most seats in parliament, the people Francis Urquhart are really up against are his own colleagues. He plays games to keep fear in the ranks, and to be three steps ahead of any Conservative who thinks they can be the next Prime Minister by simply having their party oust him out of his power.

The Final Cut House of Cards

Francis Urquhart mainly deals with the international politics this time around. The main topic being the island nation of Cyprus. A insider from Cyprus tells Francis Urquhart about a new supply of oil that was recently found in a border zone, and attempts to sway Francis Urquhart to appoint a international judge to give drilling rights that will benefit both of them. Politically there is a lot of unrest in Cyprus. The British are backing the elected government but Greek nationals are not very happy with the President of Cyprus. Francis Urquhart wants to use the events to bring all of Great Britain to back him as leader. But will this be his great triumph or greatest blunder?

British soldiers in Cyprus The Final Cut House of Cards

I will say that I liked The Final Cut a bit better than the last two incarnations. I liked how Francis Urquhart’s murders finally caught up with him and you can see his own internal turmoil. I thought the events with Cyprus were far more interesting than I initially expected.

Things I Like: Warcraft (2016 Film)

Warcraft 2016 movie poster

Warcraft is a movie I knew I’d eventually see. The movie is based on the Warcraft series, best known for the MMORPG game from 2005 World of Warcraft. I was never a PC gamer so I actually never played Warcraft. The real reason I was interested in it was because of its star Travis Fimmel who most people would probably know him best for as Ragnar Lothbrok in the TV series Vikings. Warcraft was not much of a hit with critics, but fans seemed to have liked it enough. What did this non-fan of the game series think of it?

Travis Fimmel Warcraft 2016 movie

The film is set in the world of Azeroth which is mostly peaceful. However the residents of the world have been at odds with a new race of monsters. Anduin Lothar a military commander of humanity (and brother-in-law to King Llane Wrynn) is the first to take notice of the destruction caused by these vile creatures. They manage to capture a female warrior (who is not 100% their race) named Garona Halforcen who tells the humans that the race of monsters are called Orcs and they have come from a dying land.

Big wolf and orc Warcraft 2016 movie

Having nothing to return to, they decide to make the world of Azeroth home. An orc chieftain of an exiled clan is one of the few orcs who isn’t quite sure to take the path to war. His name is Durotan and he’d much rather take the road to peace. However a powerful orc warlock named Gul’dan is mad with greed and unites most of the orcs into a giant quest of power. Will any humans or orcs be alive by the time the war is over?

Warcraft 2016 movie Travis Fimmel

Overall I thought Warcraft was okay, and to be fair there have been far worse video game movies around. Even though I haven’t played the games, it seemed faithful to the original series which is often a fault of most other video game movies. However the run-time is way too long (two hours) and while some of the story and action is interesting and cool, other parts left me bored beyond words. It did well at the box office, so a sequel is likely but I really doubt I will ever see that one unless I’m ready for another average action movie.

Things I Like: The Boss Baby (2017 Film)

The Boss Baby 2017 movie poster

I remember seeing trailers for The Boss Baby. I will have to admit, it did look promising. Granted I like Pixar way more than Dreamworks, but The Boss Baby looked clever enough. However not clever enough for me to see it in theaters. It actually did really well at the box office.

The Boss Baby 2017 movie

The Boss Baby starts out with a young imaginative kid named Timothy Leslie Templeton. He thinks his life at this point is absoutely perfect. However his parents has big news for him and he never saw it coming. He comes downstairs one day and meets his brand new baby brother. Tim is horrified and treats his brother as if he was a stranger who didn’t belong to his family. However Tim discovers something about his baby bro that his parents don’t know. Turns out little brother can walk and talk better than some grown-ups.

The Boss Baby 2017 movie Dreamworks

His brother claims to work for Baby Corps who is on a secret mission to save the “love of babies” forever. He treats Tim like he is merely a servant and he is the boss. Tim tries to get his parents to listen but always falls short. His little brother knows how to manipulate Tim’s parents, and Tim can’t stand it. However Tim learns of his little brother’s plans to save his own kind. They soon come to a strange agreement to help each other out. However will the two ever want to remain brothers or will they need to separate?

Dreamworks The Boss Baby 2017 movie

Overall The Boss Baby was about what I imagined, like most Dreamworks films it’s good but it’s not great. Tim and his little brother clash very well, and the story can be smart, cute, and fun many times. However it’s hard to really say why, but the story just doesn’t compare to something like Pixar’s best or even their lesser films except maybe Cars.