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Getting Ford Fiesta As a Car Rental From Hertz

Silver 2019 Ford fiesta

The body shop was able to take my car after Thanksgiving. So now I have a rental car until it’s done.

Hertz Rent a car at Spartanburg E. Blackstock Rd.

The wait for a car at Hertz was a nightmare, with COVID-19 precautions, it was a cold and wet wait outside. It took about an hour to get my car, which is a 2019 Ford Fiesta.

Ford fiesta steering wheel 2019

It’s a little smaller than my Ford Focus. Which isn’t much of a bad thing. I don’t think it could get better mileage though.

2019 Ford fiesta electronic dashboard

It’s not quite as fancy as my Focus either. But it definitely has all the bells and whistle‘s for a car made for 2019.

Interior seats Ford fiesta 2019

It doesn’t have leather seats, but they’re comfortable.

2019 Ford fiesta hatchback trunk

I’ve driven it for a few days now, and I’ve enjoyed it so far.

Dolittle (2020 Film) Review

Dolittle movie poster Robert Downey jr

As a kid, one of my favorite films was Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy. It didn’t take me long to notice this new Dr. Dolittle film with Robert Downey Jr. Because of COVID-19, I didn’t get to see it in theaters though it did premier a bit before the pandemic.

Dolittle 2020 doctor dolittle animal house Robert Downey jr

Unlike the Dr. Dolittle of my childhood, Dolittle is set during a very early Victorian England. But John Dolittle still talks to animals, and he was once honored by Queen Victoria for his talents. But in recent years, after the death of his wife Lily, he’s not really at his prime.

Dolittle 2020 lady rose Carmel laniado

He soon learns that Queen Victoria is dying from poison. There is no known cure in the world that could serve as an antidote. Except for one, and one of Queen Victoria’s maids begs John Dolittle to save the monarch of Great Britain.

Dolittle 2020 John dolittle Tommy stubbins Harry collett

With all of his favorite animals, Dr. Dolittle travels to a very distant part of the world in search of a cure. It’s not going to be an easy quest, but for his Queen and his animals, he has to be successful.

Dolittle 2020 John dolittle diving outfit Robert Downey jr

Overall, Doolittle was a pretty disappointing film. I think the studio was banking on Robert Downey Jr. alone, but the script is fundamentally flawed. It’s also so much different from the Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in this case, it definitely didn’t become a good thing.

Score: C+

Roma (2018 Film) Review

Roma movie poster Netflix

Roma is not a movie I remember coming out in 2018. Netflix picked up most of the international rights to the movie. I think Netflix definitely wants to add an Oscar winner to their belt, and apparently Roma came close especially among on foreign language films. But what did I think of it?

Roma cleo cleaning the house Netflix

The film is set in Mexico during the year 1970. The main character is Cleo, a young woman who works as a housekeeper for a somewhat wealthy family in Mexico City.

Roma family watching television TV Netflix

Everything seems to be rather normal. The father of the family comes home, the family has a standard dinner and they watch television together. Cleo has a boyfriend she sees when she’s not working, obviously.

Roma cleo takes care of children Netflix

But it soon becomes clear that the family she works for have some deep issues that may split the family apart. Cleo gets pregnant, and her boyfriend doesn’t take the news so well. To make matters worse, Mexico City will see one of the worst parts of political violence during the Cold War.

Roma cleo waits for fermin Netflix

To be honest, Roma was pretty disappointing. Critics loved it, and it sure is Oscar bait, that’s pretty clear. While there is some good directing and acting, I found it mostly boring and the use the black-and-white to be rather cliché. It didn’t win the Oscar for Best Picture, and I’m not really that surprised.

Score: C+

Things I Like: The Toys That Made Us (Netflix)

The toys that made us Netflix poster Darth Vader

The Toys That Made Us is a series Netflix started a few years ago. I stumbled upon it recently and watched three very short seasons in a few binges.

The toys that made us Netflix Michelangelo Ninja Turtle

Each episode starts with a specific franchise having the spotlight. The first episode I watched was about my favorite toys as a kid, the Ninja Turtles.

The toys that made us Netflix dr Spock pinball

There are a few episodes where I didn’t really know the toys very well.

The toys that made us Netflix star trek enterprise

But nevertheless, most of them are actually quite interesting. I was really surprised how interesting the My Little Pony one was.

The toys that made us Netflix red ranger power rangers

It’s definitely a fun little mini documentary.