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Things I Like: Cotton Hill (King of the Hill)

King of the Hill cotton Hill cowboy hat fox

Cotton Hill is one of my favorite fictional characters ever. I would probably shun someone like him in real life, but since he is fictional, I do find him hilarious.

King of the Hill Hank Hill VS cotton hill

He might’ve served the country during World War II, but he was a pretty shitty dad.

King of the Hill cotton Hill talks to Bobby grandson

But all things said, he was actually a pretty good grandfather.

King of the Hill cotton Hill Bobby birthday party

His crazy adventures were pretty wild. We never knew what kind of trouble he was up to.

King of the Hill cotton Hill lives with Dale Gribble

I loved how Dale Gribble sucked up to him. Those two definitely were double trouble.

Things I Like: Ladybird (King of the Hill)

King of the Hill ladybird Hank Hill Peggy

Almost every TV family has the standard pet, and Ladybird is definitely a major pet for the Hill family.

King of the Hill Hank Hill dancing with ladybird dog

I will say, Hank Hill really loved Ladybird. He would do things for that dog that he would not for his son or his wife.

King of the Hill Bobby Hill allergic to ladybird fox

I never thought Bobby really liked Ladybird. I guess it was fitting that he became temporarily allergic to her.

King of the Hill Hank Hill finds out that ladybird has a narrow uterus

Unlike her human father, she apparently had something narrow in her reproductive organs which prevented her from having puppies.

Things I Like: Luanne Platter (King of the Hill)

Luanne platter voting communist king of the Hill

Probably my least favorite member of the Hill family, Luanne Platter was likable but she had her massive amount of problems.

Luanne platter Peggy Hill workout video King of the Hill

She’s actually Peggy’s niece, so she isn’t a true Hill.

Luanne platter living in den Hank Hill king of the Hill

She spends most of the series living with the Hills in their den. But she eventually moves out.

Luanne platter Manger babies King of the Hill fox

She wasn’t very good at many things, but she found some success with her puppet show The Manger Babies.

King of the Hill luanne platter Buckley motorcycle

In addition to crying excessively, another poor trait of hers was her taste in men. When Buckley was the best of them, you know she had poor judgement skills.

King of the Hill luanne platter pregnant husband lucky

She does get married and pregnant near the end of the series. Even though her husband Lucky seemed to be a nice guy, he just reeked of redneck trash to me.