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Thoughts/Proverbs: Bad People Don’t Care About Being Better

Quotes on bad people

I consider myself a good person, so if you’re feeling this way you’re at a crossroad. You can choose the path of purity, or the path of darkness. You still have a chance. Too many make the wrong choice.

Honest Thief (2020 Film) Review

Honest thief movie poster Liam Neeson

Honestly Thief was a movie I think I heard about first when I saw a preview advertised on Hulu. I like the premise and Liam Neeson usually does pretty well, even in not so great movies. But I was hoping I would enjoy it, especially as 2020 might be the worst year for movies since studios are holding back.

Honest thief Tom Carter Liam Neeson In-N-Out bandit

The film is about Tom Carter, a good man who strangely gets in the habit of robbing banks while they’re closed. Over a span of many years, he is dubbed the In-N-Out bandit. But he has never been caught, but many have claimed responsibility for his work.

Honest thief Tom Carter tricks John Nivens Liam Neeson

Tom falls in love with a woman named Annie Wilkins. He feels so much guilt that he wants to confess and make a deal with the police to pay for his past mistakes. So he calls the FBI to arrange a deal.

Honest thief john nivens fbi agent gun jai courtney

The two FBI agents soon discover that his story was completely real. After finding many millions in a storage unit, one of the agents gets the idea to keep the money. He tries to kill Tom, but is unsuccessful. Tom must prove he was an honest thief and that the FBI agents are crooked.

Overall, Honest Thief was a decent movie. I don’t seem to watch many action movies, but I don’t think this one would have done anything dramatically different than the rest. Critics weren’t too thrilled with this one, but fans seem to have a better opinion. I definitely didn’t regret watching it.

Score: B-