Fun Fact: Progressive Party Candidate Henry Wallace

When FDR was convinced to replace his long-serving Vice President Henry Wallace by the Democratic Party in the 1944 presidential election, the soon-former Vice President worked a little in the Truman cabinet after FDR’s death. In 1948 he ran for president under the Progressive Party ticket, which gained him little votes, as he didn’t seemContinue reading “Fun Fact: Progressive Party Candidate Henry Wallace”

Neko Random VS PragerU: Why Bad Luck is Good

PragerU is a fake university run by lying conservatives. I have decided to critique every single video of notability. This one was narrated by Adam Carolla who I remember fondly on The Man Show back on Comedy Central. He starts out the video by saying that even bad luck can be good luck. And yetContinue reading “Neko Random VS PragerU: Why Bad Luck is Good”