Fun Fact: Green Poltical Parties

Political parties in various countries strongly dedicated to protecting the environment are commonly known as green parties. The name originated in Germany with the Die Grünen (The Greens) Party. Die Grünen is one of the few green parties in the world to have more than a small number of seats (if any at all) inContinue reading “Fun Fact: Green Poltical Parties”

Fun Fact: Progressive Party Candidate Henry Wallace

When FDR was convinced to replace his long-serving Vice President Henry Wallace by the Democratic Party in the 1944 presidential election, the soon-former Vice President worked a little in the Truman cabinet after FDR’s death. In 1948 he ran for president under the Progressive Party ticket, which gained him little votes, as he didn’t seemContinue reading “Fun Fact: Progressive Party Candidate Henry Wallace”