Fun Fact: When An English King Made Soccer Illegal

While soccer is still hugely popular in England, at one point in history it was forbidden. King Edward II issued a prohibition on the sport (known then as mob-football) because of the chaos it would often cause in the streets. Those caught would be sent to jail.

Fun Fact: Chinese Word For China

China’s name is derived from the Middle Persian Chini which itself was derived from the Sanskrit Cinah. The English word for China existed as far back as 1516. In China itself, its name is 中国 (Zhongguo) which literally translates as “central nation”.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Don King Is a Murderer

In a span of 13 years Boxing Bigwig Don King had killed two different people. One person in 1954 for trying to rob one of his establishments which was ruled as a “justifiable homicide” and in 1967 he stomped one of his employees to death over a small debt. For the 2nd, he served a…

Fun Fact: Red Delicious Apples

The Red Delicious apple was originally known as the Delicious apple. The name was changed in 1914, after the Golden Delicious apple was invented.