(Not So) Fun Fact: The Battle Where Austria Accidentally Attacked Itself

During the Austro-Turkish War, the Battle of Karánsebes was disastrous for the Habsburg troops of the Austrian empire. In the middle of the night (alcohol was said to be involved) fighting broke out and mass paranoia about Turk enemies. In truth, the Ottoman Empire was nowhere on the battlefield and captured the city with ease…

Fun Fact: German Name For Vienna

The English name for the Austrian city Vienna most likely comes from either the Italian or French name for Vienna. The German (which Austrians speak) word for Vienna is Wien.

(Not So) Fun Fact: The Fatherland Front Of Austria

The Fatherland Front was a political party (which claimed to be a unifying non-partisan movement) that was fascist and eventually took control of the Austrian government. The Nazis of Germany eventually came into conflict with the Fatherland Front. While they were both right-wing fascists parties/states, the Fatherland Front strongly opposed absorption into Germany. Austria lost…

Fun Fact: Austria Etymology

Austria’s name is derived centuries ago from the Old High German word “Ostarrîchi” which is thought to mean “Eastern Borderlands”.