Fun Fact: Obama vs Trump Golfing

Despite criticizing Barack Obama for golfing so much during his two terms, in their first calendar year Obama had golfed 27 times, Trump had done about three times that number. Trump numbers are hard to verify as when he stays at his own resorts, they don’t make the golf outings known to the press. MostContinue reading “Fun Fact: Obama vs Trump Golfing”

Fun Fact: Obamacare Vs RomneyCare

Despite Mitt Romney’s public opinion that he’s against President Obama’s national Health Care Reform, he did pass a near-identical plan (some of the advisers worked with both men) years ago in Massachusetts. Which includes the ultra-controversial insurance mandate. Currently the state only has a 4.4% percentage of uninsured citizens, which is the best in theContinue reading “Fun Fact: Obamacare Vs RomneyCare”