Things I Hate: Ender’s Game (2013 Film)

Back in 2013 I largely ignored Ender’s Game. While I generally like sci-fi, the whole genre can kind of feel…well generic. It didn’t seem that interesting even with Harrison Ford obviously displayed as a major character. Ender’s Game is actually based on a book of the same name from 1985. The movie itself didn’t doContinue reading “Things I Hate: Ender’s Game (2013 Film)”

Things I Hate: Stonehearst Asylum (2014 Film)

I was surprised I had never heard of Stonehearst Asylum. I was even more surprised it never made it to theaters despite having so many well-known actors in it. The only reason why I wanted to see it was that I like Kate Beckinsale as an actress. The protagonist is a man named Edward Newgate,Continue reading “Things I Hate: Stonehearst Asylum (2014 Film)”

Hugo (2011 Film) Review

I had somewhat heard of Hugo close to the year of 2011. It’s rather odd to believe it’s been that many years since then. As I’ve mentioned before, I think Chole Grace Moretz is one of the most talented actresses ever. So while she is now a woman, she’s had a healthy career since sheContinue reading “Hugo (2011 Film) Review”

Iron Man 3 (2013 Film) Review

Marvel’s Avengers-related movies are some of my favorite films in recent memory. It all started with the original Iron Man film, and now Tony Stark is the first super-hero to get a new adventure after The Avengers. I actually really liked Iron Man 2 more than the original, so I was hoping the third filmContinue reading “Iron Man 3 (2013 Film) Review”