Fun Fact: The Man Who Survived Auschwitz By Boxing

Salamo Arouch was Jewish Greek man who served as entertainment for German guards at the most infamous concentration camp. He boxed without losing for two years and two hundred fights and survived as he didn’t fail before the camp was liberated.

Fun Fact: Why Mike Tyson Was Replaced in Punch-Out

In later versions of Punch-Out on NES, Mike Tyson is cosmetically replaced by a boxer named Mr. Dream. Most assumed it was Nintendo distancing themselves from his criminal history, but it was because he lost his championship title.

Things I Like: The Fighter (2010 Film)

I had never heard of The Fighter back in 2010, though I did hear of it a few years ago. I didn’t know much about it, especially considering that it was based on a true story. Though I don’t really watch boxing, it’s a fascinating sport. I really liked the Rocky movies, and the video…