Things I Hate: Rio 2 (2014 Film)

I heard critical opinion had dropped from the first movie. I thought the first one was pretty darn good, so I figured the sequel couldn’t be that bad. Blu and Jewel are happy living in Brazil with their three children. They believe they are the last birds of their kind until they hear about aContinue reading “Things I Hate: Rio 2 (2014 Film)”

Fun Fact: Japanese People in Brazil

In the early 20th century, Brazil’s coffee industry was expanding but they couldn’t keep up the demand for labor especially with a decreasing amount of European immigrants. So in time many Japanese immigrants came to work the farms. This is the major reason why Brazil has the highest amount of Japanese-immigrants in the world withContinue reading “Fun Fact: Japanese People in Brazil”

Fun Fact: The Big Country in South America That Doesn’t Speak Spanish

While most of Central and South America were conquered by the Spanish hundreds of years ago, Portugal managed to do the same to Brazil. Making it one of the few places in South America where Spanish is not widely spoken or the official language. The official language in Brazil is Portuguese.