Fun Fact: World Leader in Grape Production

The top producer of grapes in the world by metric tons is China.

Fun Fact: How Long Lotus Seeds Last

Lotus seeds can grow from dormant seeds even after hundreds of years, and there was a case in China where one seed produced a flower, and the seed was 1,300 years old.

Fun Fact: The World’s Largest Mall Was Mostly Dead

New South China Mall was built in China to be the mega mall to rival all malls and it was in sheer size of building and square footage. The Chinese mall remained mostly deserted for about a decade and only has recently bounced back as its close to full occupancy.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Human Chimpanzee Hybrid Experiment

A Soviet scientist in the 1920s tried to create a human chimpanzee hybrid known as a humanzee. They contacted a chimpanzee owner in Cuba and wanted her male chimpanzees to try their luck on human females but his offer was ultimately refused. China did a very similar experiments in the 1960s as well but obviously…