Fun Fact: What Jehovah Witnesses Believe About Jesus

While Jehovah Witnesses are considered (by most) part of Christianity, what they believe does differ quite a bit from the mainstream. They believe that Jesus Christ and the archangel Micheal are the same being, just a different name and form on Earth versus in heaven. Instead of a cross, they believe Jesus died on aContinue reading “Fun Fact: What Jehovah Witnesses Believe About Jesus”

Fun Fact: Hatuey Vs Catholic Spaniards

Hatuey was a chieftain from Hispaniola who fled to Cuba from the Spaniards who wanted to conquer the island. Sadly for him, he was defeated, captured, and tied to a stake. Before he was burned alive, a priest asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus and go to heaven. Hatuey asked if the SpanishContinue reading “Fun Fact: Hatuey Vs Catholic Spaniards”

Fun Fact: When Jesus and Odin Competed

From the years 700-1110, the lands of present-day Germany and Scandinavia went under gradual increases of Christianity until it became the dominant religion. While some areas of Europe quickly threw the old gods into the realm of mythology, in the Germanic regions there was a strange co-existence. It wasn’t uncommon for a person to prayContinue reading “Fun Fact: When Jesus and Odin Competed”

Fun Fact: How Martin Luther Survived Persecution

When Martin Luther formed the first wave of Protestantism, he made his break with the Catholic church in a very pro-Catholic Holy Roman Empire since he lived in what is now modern-day Germany. While most men in a situation like that would be executed or exiled, Martin Luther was protected by powerful German princes whoContinue reading “Fun Fact: How Martin Luther Survived Persecution”