Things I Like: Finding Dory (2016 Film)

When it comes to animated movies, Pixar is the best…most of the time anyways. 2003’s Finding Nemo was one of their best and it’s rather peculiar that it took like 13 years to make a sequel. I was only 15 years old when the original came out. I also remember it being one of theContinue reading “Things I Like: Finding Dory (2016 Film)”

Things I Like: Lilo and Stitch (2002 Film)

All the way back in the year 2002 I never saw Lilo & Stitch either in theaters or at home and I’m not quite sure why I skipped over it. I knew the little blue guy was some kind of alien monster, and the two girls were from Hawaii. But that was about it fromContinue reading “Things I Like: Lilo and Stitch (2002 Film)”

Things I Like: Beauty and the Beast (2017 Film)

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most classic fairy tales and one of Disney’s best animated features. Now that remaking them is cool and whatnot, it was time for Beauty and the Beast to get the same treatment. I knew this was coming at least a few years ago and I was aContinue reading “Things I Like: Beauty and the Beast (2017 Film)”

Things I Hate: The Haunted Mansion (2003 Film)

Back in the early 2000’s Disney gained a bit of notability (and even more skepticism) for making two major movies based on theme park rides at their Disney parks. Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp was a huge success and is still getting sequels. The Haunted Mansion was rather…not a success. It didn’t doContinue reading “Things I Hate: The Haunted Mansion (2003 Film)”

Things I Like: The Three Musketeers (1993 Film)

I don’t keep up with classical literature like I should. For many years, the only Three Musketeers I knew well was the candy bar. I saw the 2011 movie years ago, and while it had some merits, it was just okay and I hear MUCH different than the novel. I recently heard of the 1993Continue reading “Things I Like: The Three Musketeers (1993 Film)”