Things I Hate: Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey (Once Upon a Time)

 I hated her for the most part during her time on the show. She kind of served as the Regina of the final season, which they wanted to be a “fresh start” and boy did that not work out in ABC’s favor as the final season was the last of the “new” story.  We alreadyContinue reading “Things I Hate: Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey (Once Upon a Time)”

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975 Film) Review

 Now that I have Disney+ there are countless Disney movies I had never seen, such as this pretty old film. I do recall the remake with Dwayne Johnson coming out in the mid 2000’s, and since I had never seen it, I would rather watch the original first. It was based on a novel series,Continue reading “Escape to Witch Mountain (1975 Film) Review”

Things I Hate: Dr. Jekyll (Once Upon a Time)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is definitely not a story that has been done well recently. And this Once Upon a Time version is not a very good one either. We first see Dr. Jekyll alive and we see his backstory. He seems to be a good guy on the side of the heroes.   Continue reading “Things I Hate: Dr. Jekyll (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Hate: Mr. Hyde (Once Upon a Time)

Mr. Hyde was one of the worst villains on Once Upon a Time. His back story was about the same as the classic tales. But he has a giant quest to conquer Storybrooke, Maine. He never seemed that strong despite everyone being that afraid of him.  Which ends when his other half dies after bothContinue reading “Things I Hate: Mr. Hyde (Once Upon a Time)”

Things I Like: Princess Jasmine (Once Upon a Time)

While she was a decent character on the show, she could have had a better story. But I did like her overall. Her role was pretty much the same as the Disney movie Aladdin until both of them land in Storybrooke, Maine.  Though she and Aladdin don’t know where each other are. So she spendsContinue reading “Things I Like: Princess Jasmine (Once Upon a Time)”