Dragon Ball FighterZ (Nintendo Switch) Review

One of my favorite anime shows of all time has been the Dragon Ball (Original and Z, GT was garbage) series. I remember at one point in time (in America, Japan was not the same story) where the only Dragon Ball game was Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 on PS1, which was one ofContinue reading “Dragon Ball FighterZ (Nintendo Switch) Review”

Things I Like: Goku (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

No Dragon Ball Z game is complete without Universe 7’s greatest champion, Son Goku. One of the best characters in the game, of course. He’s obviously central to most of the story mode. While he fights as a regular Super Saiyan, he often is in his base form during the cutscenes. But during Android 21’sContinue reading “Things I Like: Goku (Dragon Ball FighterZ)”

Things I Like: Frieza (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

What is a Dragon Ball Z (or Super) game without the former co-Emperor of the Universe? I can’t think of many that don’t have him. He’s pretty notable in all three modes of the story. In all three versions, he is revived by Android 21 along with most of the villains from Dragon Ball Z,Continue reading “Things I Like: Frieza (Dragon Ball FighterZ)”

Things I Like: Vegeta (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

What’s a Dragon Ball Z/Super game without the Prince of All Saiyans? Good thing Vegeta is one of the best fighters in the game, like he is in the shows and movies. In the story, we find Vegeta also killed by Frieza. Wouldn’t have been the first time, but Goku and friends make it inContinue reading “Things I Like: Vegeta (Dragon Ball FighterZ)”

Things I Like: Cell (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

Cell was one of the greatest villains in the series, and he shows up for Dragon Ball FighterZ. While he’s overshadowed by Frieza, he’s still notable in the game. In the story, he is revived for mysterious reasons by Android 21 using the Namekian dragon balls. It doesn’t take Cell long to fight both herContinue reading “Things I Like: Cell (Dragon Ball FighterZ)”