Things I Hate: The Art of Getting By (2011 Film)

I saw this many years ago and it was a mistake. The movie is about a young man named George who is in his senior year of high school. Despite obviously being capable of good grades, he doesn’t do much other than draw. Thinking school is a waste of his time and mind. His teachersContinue reading “Things I Hate: The Art of Getting By (2011 Film)”

Nerve (2016 Film) Review

Last year I had no idea Nerve even existed. I came across it last month and saw the cover. It really reminded me of Tron with the special lights and the concept of the movie being about a game. The game isn’t really Tron-ish but really social media meets truth or dare with lighting atContinue reading “Nerve (2016 Film) Review”

Things I Hate: Nancy Drew (2007 Film)

I saw this one years ago. I never really read the books, and I didn’t even remember this movie ever coming out. I noticed some actors I’ve seen in other things (i.e. washed up) and a random cameo from Bruce Willis…for a second I thought his daughter starred in the movie. Apparently not. Even thoughContinue reading “Things I Hate: Nancy Drew (2007 Film)”