Things I Hate: Final Fantasy X (PS2/PS3)

Final Fantasy X came out on PS2 back in the early 2000’s, but I never got to play it. They made an “HD” version for PS3 (which includes the sequel X-2) so I figured why not? Though Final Fantasy and me have never gotten along very well. From the classic games that originated on theContinue reading “Things I Hate: Final Fantasy X (PS2/PS3)”

Things I Hate: Final Fantasy XIII (360)

Even though I loved RPGs like Pokemon and Chrono Trigger, I can never seem to get into the Final Fantasy series. I tried Final Fantasy XIII awhile back thinking that this may be the game that breaks tradition as the previous games I played were all before the PS1 era. Even though the series isContinue reading “Things I Hate: Final Fantasy XIII (360)”

Things I Hate: Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS)

Despite being “new” to Americans, I didn’t think we missed anything special. Granted the game did jump from this To this, which shows what 20 odd years of technology can do for a game. They could have at least modernized the game-play a little bit. It’s decent at first, but then it just goes intoContinue reading “Things I Hate: Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS)”

Things I Hate: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

I’ve been trying real hard to get into the Final Fantasy craze. This was one of my first games in the series, and it didn’t shape my opinion of it very well. Granted this game is a spin-off, and not a “real” Final Fantasy game. It is more of an action-RPG, than its turn-based roots.Continue reading “Things I Hate: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles”

Things I Hate: Cloud (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

I didn’t get to play him during his DLC days in Smash 4, but he was on the starting roster for Ultimate. I wasn’t shocked he finally appeared in the series, as he’s easily the most popular character among Final Fantasy fans. I never played Final Fantasy 7, so there’s not a lot of fandomContinue reading “Things I Hate: Cloud (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”