Fun Fact: The Massive Canal That Would Have Spilt Florida

The American government planned to build a massive canal in the middle of Florida. FDR started it in 1935, with Nixon ending the project (de facto) in 1971, with official abandonment in 1991.

(Not So) Fun Fact: When Florida Dumbly Made A Reef of Tires

Off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, there is an artificial reef made mostly of used car tires. The creation of the reef proved to be a complete disaster and it still exists. The military actually will use it for underwater exercises to help remove the tires while getting good practice.

Fun Fact: Hillary Clinton’s Brother Run For Senate

Hugh Rodham ran for Senate during 1994. His campaign in Florida was a nightmare as he had no idea what he was doing and his campaign team weren’t much better. His brother in law Bill Clinton flew to Miami to rally support, but the Rodham campaign let almost nobody know so only two hundred people…