Fun Fact: The Bushes and Those Without Faith

While ironically considered more evangelical than his father, George W. Bush had kinder words than his dad for non-religious Americans. In 1987 a journalist described a conversation in which George H.W. Bush thought that non-religious Americans shouldn’t be considered patriotic or even citizens. In 2004, George W. Bush said “I will be your president regardlessContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Bushes and Those Without Faith”

Fun Fact: Duo Beaten By The Bushes

Micheal Dukakis and John Kerry served together as Governor and Lt. Governor (Kerry was his Lt. Gov.) of Massachusetts between 1983-1985 until John Kerry was elected to the Senate. Micheal Dukakis ran for president in 1988, losing in a landslide to George H.W. Bush. John Kerry would later run as president in 2004, but heContinue reading “Fun Fact: Duo Beaten By The Bushes”

Fun Fact: When George Bush Sr Fought In World War II

Future president George H.W. Bush served in the U.S. navy during the majority of the American war years during World War II, in the Pacific Theater. He had come close to being KIA as an enemy solider had damaged his plane enough to force Bush to eject himself from the aircraft. He was saved byContinue reading “Fun Fact: When George Bush Sr Fought In World War II”