(Not So) Fun Fact: Alex Jones’ First Political Stunt

Disgraced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has done many extreme and insane stunts over the years. His first notable one was in 1998 at a George W. Bush rally in Texas where he interrupted the future president and demanded that he abolish the Federal Reserve.

Fun Fact: When George W Bush Wrongly Predicted a Large Surplus

At the beginning of George W. Bush’s presidency, Congress had predicted that the national budget would have a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus over ten years. Massive tax cuts, wars, and other things caused the surplus to vanish and the national debt increased.

Fun Fact: When George W Bush Overcame Alcoholism

In his younger days future-president George W. Bush struggled with alcoholism. He said his wife Laura gave his life stability and because of her he finally gave up alcohol entirely in 1986.

Fun Fact: When George W Bush Won a Governor Race With Smear Tactics

During the 1994 Texas Gubernatorial election, future-president George W. Bush faced incumbent Democratic Governor Ann Richards who was fairly popular especially as Texas had a strong economy during her tenure. Bush campaigned heavily on faith and cultural values, and it turned ugly when homophobia was used to slander Richards. Many had even questioned Richard’s own…

Fun Fact: The Bushes and Those Without Faith

While ironically considered more evangelical than his father, George W. Bush had kinder words than his dad for non-religious Americans. In 1987 a journalist described a conversation in which George H.W. Bush thought that non-religious Americans shouldn’t be considered patriotic or even citizens. In 2004, George W. Bush said “I will be your president regardless…