Things I Like: Bridge of Spies (2015 Film)

Just a short number of years ago, I remember when Bridge of Spies was new. It starred Tom Hanks, it was directed by Steven Spielberg, and it made a decent splash at the Oscars as well. It was also set during the Cold War (made obvious by the poster) which I am quite an expertContinue reading “Things I Like: Bridge of Spies (2015 Film)”

(Not So) Fun Fact: King George II’s Daughter Mary

Princess Mary was the daughter of King George II, but her life wasn’t very happy despite being a princess. She was married to Fredrick II of Hesse which was a Germanic state loyal to the Holy Roman Empire. Her husband was said to be a boorish brute and subjected her to spousal abuse. Things didn’tContinue reading “(Not So) Fun Fact: King George II’s Daughter Mary”