Duck Donuts (Pelham-Greenville)

After my haircut the other day, we made a visit to Duck Donuts. I had never been before, but I have heard good things. I didn’t realize before I walked in that everything was made to order, which is a good thing. The donuts were good but not my favorite. They were a bit tooContinue reading “Duck Donuts (Pelham-Greenville)”

Your Pie (Greenville South Carolina)

Your Pie is a pizza place I have never tried which is located on Woodruff Road in Greenville, South Carolina. It’s not the only one of its name. It reminded me a lot of Rapid Fire Pizza as when you order the pizza you have a lot of customization as they make it right inContinue reading “Your Pie (Greenville South Carolina)”

Coldstone Creamery (Greenville SC)

My department at work won a contest where we all got $20 gift cards. I got one to use at various places, but chose Cold Stone Creamery as I had not been to one in several years. They had Lucky charms ice cream which intrigued me, but since they were no longer doing samples (Covid-19Continue reading “Coldstone Creamery (Greenville SC)”