Things I Like: Irina Spalko (Indiana Jones)

Irina Spalko ironically was the main villain I remember the most in the Indiana Jones series. I didn’t hate the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but it was the series weakest film. Since the film takes place in the late 1950’s, she’s a Soviet instead of a German, as World War II had long sinceContinue reading “Things I Like: Irina Spalko (Indiana Jones)”

Things I Like: Henry Jones Sr. (Indiana Jones)

One of the my favorite characters in the movie franchise, Henry Jones Sr. is Indiana Joness father, as we see him in the Last Crusade, the last of the original three films. Like his son, Henry had a habit for studying old artifacts from history. But he ends up in some tricky trouble with theContinue reading “Things I Like: Henry Jones Sr. (Indiana Jones)”

Things I Like: Elsa Schneider (Indiana Jones)

Elsa Schneider was an interesting character in the series. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, she appears to be an Austrian archaeologist interested in finding the Holy Grail. And she often seems to be fearless when she tags along with Indiana Jones on his adventures. The two of them even share a romantic bond.Continue reading “Things I Like: Elsa Schneider (Indiana Jones)”

Things I Like: Willie Scott (Indiana Jones)

Willie Scott wasn’t my most liked character in the series, but I did like her. But out of all the Indiana Jones ladies, I liked her the least. She starts out in the story as a singer working at a Chinese nightclub in Shanghai. And she somehow ends up following Indiana Jones to his newContinue reading “Things I Like: Willie Scott (Indiana Jones)”

Things I Like: Marion Ravenwood (Indiana Jones)

Unlike most Indiana Jones fans, I didn’t think Raiders of the Lost Ark was the best film in the series. But Marion Ravenwood was a good character for Indy’s story. From what I remember she was the daughter of one of Indiana’s mentors. And they two of them had a romantic past before the movieContinue reading “Things I Like: Marion Ravenwood (Indiana Jones)”