Fun Fact: The Persian Who Realized Coral Were Animals

During the Islamic Golden Age, Persian polymath Al-Biruni theorized that coral were really animals instead of plants or minerals as they responded to touch. He would later be proven right.

(Not So) Fun Fact: The Shah and OPEC

The last Shah of Iran was eventually ousted for being too pro American. Ironically he was a leader in OPEC which temporarily caused an oil price surge artificially which caused economic strife in western countries.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Anglo Persian Oil Company

In the early 20th century, Great Britain established the Anglo Persian Oil Company in Iran, which was essentially owned by the British government. The people of Iran kicked the British out in the 1950s and the company became National Iranian Oil Company.

Things I Like: Argo (2012 Film)

After hearing it had won the Oscar for Best Picture, I had to give it a watch. It’s actually based on actual events though some of my criticism will stem from some of its inaccuracies. Argo is set in 1979-1980 during the Iran Hostage Crisis in Tehran. The people of Iran are angry that their…