(Not So) Fun Fact: Tom Carper Voted Wrong on Iraq

Unfortunately Delaware’s Senator Tom Carper was one of the Democrats that did vote in favor of the Iraq War back in 2002.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Last King of Iraq Regicide

The last King of Iraq, Faisal II was overthrown in revolution. He surrendered peacefully, ordering his royal guard to stand down. His captors took him and his family, made them face a wall, and executed them.

Fun Fact: When Ronald Reagan Lied About The USS Stark

While the Iran-Iraq War was fought mostly by the two countries, other nations had supported either side in some way. While the United States had backed Iraq during the war, in 1987 an Iraqi aircraft fired missiles at the USS Stark killing 37 sailors. The USS Stark survived until she was retired in 1999 and…