Fun Fact: How Marc Antony Got Revenge Over Augustus

Marc Antony while never Emperor himself played a vital role in the last years of the Roman Republic before it became the Roman Empire. He married Augustus Caesar’s (Octavian) sister Octavia to prevent another civil war but this only delayed the inevitable. His forces were defeated by Octavian and he soon committed suicide. Ironically heContinue reading “Fun Fact: How Marc Antony Got Revenge Over Augustus”

Letters to Juliet (2010 Film) Review

While I haven’t really heard of the movie until later, it has Amanda Seyfried in the leading role. I liked Seyfried in Veronica Mars and Les Miserables. I wasn’t sure if I would even like Letters to Juliet but it really surprised me. The plot begins with a young woman named Sophie Hall who hasContinue reading “Letters to Juliet (2010 Film) Review”