Things I Hate: 007: Everything Or Nothing (Gamecube)

I remember renting this on my Gamecube many years ago. It was really the first major James Bond game in a long time to break away from the FPS gameplay and go third person. Which is good and bad in some ways. It felt more fresh, and gave a better view of your surroundings. HoweverContinue reading “Things I Hate: 007: Everything Or Nothing (Gamecube)”

Things I Hate: 007: Blood Stone (Xbox 360)

I had borrowed this game years ago, but didn’t get very far into it. I really liked the improved 3rd person shooting scheme. There was also a neat smartphone app in the game where it acted as radar for people around you. Can’t exactly get one of those for your iPhone or Droid in realContinue reading “Things I Hate: 007: Blood Stone (Xbox 360)”

Things I Like: James Bond: Agent Under Fire

I remember playing this a lot when I first got a Gamecube. It was no Goldeneye or Halo, but it did the job. It had a decent single player mode. Some fun levels of good shooting and exciting events. I liked the use of gadgets in the game. The driving levels were pretty good. IContinue reading “Things I Like: James Bond: Agent Under Fire”

Things I Like: 007: Nightfire (Video Game)

I remember playing this mostly at my friend’s house around the time the game was released. It was an even better sequel to Agent Under Fire. I didn’t get much time with the single player, but it was quite a step up from the previous 007 game. The first one since Goldeneye to truly wowContinue reading “Things I Like: 007: Nightfire (Video Game)”