Fun Fact: The Bizarre Founding of McDonald’s in Japan

While making McDonald’s a success in a foreign country is no easy task, Den Fujita did so during the 1970’s in Japan. But Den Fujita had a odd way of making it more “popular”. Whether or not he believed it himself, he was bold enough to make a bizarre claim that food like McDonald’s wouldContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Bizarre Founding of McDonald’s in Japan”

Things I Like: Zaratras (Seven Deadly Sins)

This somewhat important character is dead for the majority of the series, but I liked him for his brief time. He’s the father of Gilthunder. He was once the Holy Knight Grandmaster. But ten years before the series started, he was murdered by Hendrickson and Dreyfus under the control of the demon Fraudrin. And theContinue reading “Things I Like: Zaratras (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Like: Gilthunder (Seven Deadly Sins)

Gilthunder was a decent character on the show. The talented son of a fallen Grandmaster, he’s more than what he seems. Like his late father, he’s got some pretty neat light magic. We at first believe that he’s on the wrong side, probably because he was tricked into thinking The Seven Deadly Sins killed hisContinue reading “Things I Like: Gilthunder (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Like: Veronica Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Veronica Liones was a decent minor character but definitely the most forgettable princess from the Kingdom of Liones. She somehow didn’t get kidnapped by Hendrickson but ended up being tricked into thinking The Seven Deadly Sins were bad and Elizabeth was brainwashed. She definitely wasn’t the smartest. Which causes her to fight with Elizabeth. ButContinue reading “Things I Like: Veronica Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Like: Margaret Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

The eldest daughter of King Bartra, she was a decent minor character. She’s also the adoptive sister of Elizabeth. She never had any special abilities, but her and Gilthunder were in love at a young age. When evil Holy Knights take over the kingdom, the witch Vivian (who secretly loved Gilthunder too) had fun cursingContinue reading “Things I Like: Margaret Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)”