Things I Hate: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012 Film)

Movies about Snow White don’t happen everyday, but I remember there were two back in 2012. One of them, Mirror Mirror was more family-friendly, but I saw it about three years ago and liked it more than I expected. The second is Snow White & The Huntsman which I had been curious about but thisContinue reading “Things I Hate: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012 Film)”

Things I Hate: Adventureland (2009 Film)

I saw a copy available at my local library about a decade ago, and thought I’d check it out, and I was really disappointed. I thought it would be more of a comedy. The sum of the story is like this; weird kid can’t rely on his parent’s money no more, gets a job atContinue reading “Things I Hate: Adventureland (2009 Film)”